HATCC ( Hindu American Temple and Cultural; Center) proudly offers a structured Youth Volunteering Program on Sundays from September to June every year. The youths come either on the 1st and 3rd Sundays Or the 2nd and 4th Sundays. The Program caters to grade levels from 9th to 12th and offers various activities. In addition, hours certificates and recommendation letters are provided to the youths.

HATCC is certified to give eligible and committed youth volunteers Presidential Service Awards. These awards were made possible by the opportunities provided by HATCC in its Unique and Structured Youth Volunteering Program.

The Program offers the Youths to volunteer in the Temple in the following key areas.


  • Cleaning the temple premises inside and outside
  • Working in the Youth Garden
  • Putting themed activities and twist balloons for the visiting devotees’ children during religious functions like Shivratri, Sri Rama Navami, etc.
  • High School Youths of the Temple proudly volunteer to run eight stalls and games for children in the Play Area of the Indo-American Fair when conducted by the Temple.
  • High School Youths get an opportunity to become Counselors in the Summer Camp when conducted by the Temple. As counselors, the youth conduct activities, monitor the campers and do all the chores related to the camp. All activities are conducted under the supervision of the adult leads.
  • The Youth Volunteers conduct fundraising activities for the Temple by selling handmade paintings, quilling jewelry, greeting cards, Handmade bracelets, etc.
  • Decorate the Vidyalaya hall walls with the painting done by the youths.


Youths participate in making hats, scarves, toys, greeting cards, quilling jewelry, bracelets, Painting on Canvases, illustrating stories, twist balloons for special events.

Our Youth Volunteers made and offered 50 hats, 10 Scarfs, and 35 Snowmen to required organizations.

  • Organized and conducted “Make A Blanket Day,” where 300 blankets were made by the Youth Volunteers and donated to the needy organization
  • Helped in painting murals at Jersey City Medical center as part of the “Hospital Art Program” conducted at Jersey City Medical Center
  • Packed meal packets as part of the “Rise Against Hunger” program Conducted by Garden State Mosaic
  • They Cooked evening dinners for families supported by Ronald McDonald House in New Brunswick.
  • Gave 200 handmade greeting cards for “ Cards for Kindness.”
  • Pack Christmas boxes every year for the needed organizations


  • Once every two years, HATCC youth volunteers can travel to India to Volunteer at” Jayendra Golden Jubilee School” in Tamil Nadu, where they mentor rural students in Spoken English.
  • On this trip, they can explore different aspects of India by visiting other Places in a chosen state.
  • On their return to the US, Youth Volunteers conduct an “Explore India” exhibition to bring awareness to community youths about Indian Culture and Heritage.
Note: This service is optional and only conducted after receiving HATCC Board approval.


As a form of acknowledgment of youth leadership qualities, HATCC offers youths leadership positions like youth President and youth officers.


ELIGIBILITY:  All youth from 9th to 12th grade.

Please note Volunteering is In-Person except for Drawing and painting.



9th to 12th

Sunday Schedule

1st and 3rd Sunday

2nd and 4th Sunday

Sunday Timing

11 A.M to 2.00 P.M

Program Description

11 A.M to 12 P.M education connecting to Indian roots

12 P.M to 2:00 P.M community and temple service.

Committed Youths interested in this highly structured program, please enroll.  Registration is required.  Please send an email to the Youth Chair for any questions. Please note hours are not given for Education Class. We provide volunteering hours. Presidential Service Awards are given to committed and eligible youths.

Leads for Youth Volunteer Affairs

Shanti Janakiraman

Email: shanti.m.janakiraman@gmail.com

PHONE: (609) 799-9423

or youthvolunteers@krishnatemple.org

Youth Chairperson and Trustee

 Responsibility: Managing Youth affairs, Hat, Diamond painting and illustrator activities, and Hinduism class. Volunteering for the temple for the past 9 yrs.

Hema Venkatishwaran

Vice-chairperson of youth affairs

Responsibility Manages youth activities with the chairperson and leads the Greeting card activity. Volunteering for the past 4 yrs.

Amita Mahajan

Has been volunteering for the past 5 yrs and leads the Quilling activity of Youth affairs.

Lavanya Shashital

Has been volunteering for 5 yrs and leads the Jig activity of youth Affairs

Prasad Srigollamudi

Has been volunteering for 5 yrs and leads the Balloon activity of youth Affairs

Uma Gurusamy

Has been volunteering with us for the past 2 yrs and leads the drawing and painting activity of the youth affairs.


Has been volunteering with us for the past 2 yrs and is the lead for stamping and embellishing greeting cards activity of youth affairs.

Laxmi Thiruvilwamala Harihara

Has been volunteering with us for the past 1yrs and leads the envelope-making activity of youth affairs.